Turners of Yorkshire

Based in the West Yorkshire village of Idle, Turners Of Yorkshire are a small family run business making hand crafted quality bespoke furniture using only 100% reclaimed historic timber sourced locally in Yorkshire.
Our passion is finding rare old-growth timber marked by the past and giving this reclaimed timber a new life. We are inspired by art and enchanted by history, and believe the rare opportunities to surround yourself with both must be seized. To achieve both, while protecting the environment, is an opportunity not to be missed.


Why Reclaimed timber


With everything that reclaimed wood has to offer (age, quality, originality, stability, etc.), perhaps the greatest selling point is its incomparable beauty. No other wood comes close in our view. The seemingly endless variations in color, grain and texture transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Our clients often tell us, "Reclaimed wood just looks and feels right." We could not have said it any better.


Reclaimed wood is a one-of-a-kind product. Like individual snowflakes, no two pieces look exactly alike. It's uniqueness is yet another compelling feature that draws people to reclaimed wood.


There is something magical and inspirational about transforming wood that is old and weathered into something new and useful. It strikes a chord within our collective soul and reminds us all that life not only has a cycle, but also that life can be extended if we are resourceful and use our imagination.We are constantly inspired by working with reclaimed wood and the many ways it can be used to enhance home decor. Whether you are adding a new ...

Contact details

Tel:    07999993636
Web:   www.turnersofyorkshire.co.uk
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Turners of Yorkshire
25 Cavendish Road
BD10 9L

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